Here at AMB, we build IT capabilities that are more scalable, agile, reliable and responsive to business needs.

Our amb outsourcing IT services help clients reduce costs and gain efficiency, flexibility and scalability. We help jump-start growth and achieve greater responsiveness to always-shifting markets.


Our clients benefit from the flexibility and agility built into amb’s outsourcing IT services. Industry expertise combined with nearshore, offshore and onshore delivery capabilities means first-class support from a local provider with the capability and delivery network of a much larger organization.

Our goal is to ensure our IT outsourcing services appropriately integrate into your business strategy, as it stands today and as it evolves over time. Each step of amb’s global Client Relationship Program enables us to tailor our services, delivery approach, and resource plans to fully match your particular industry, organization, and business strategy. In short, we power your business.



The Advantages of Outsourcing Software Development

Cost is always a big factor why companies are outsourcing software development. The savings can be substantial because you will only pay for the services on a per project basis.

Through outsourcing, you will get a dedicated team of IT experts who are really not in your employ and who free up floor space. You save on HR as well as there is no need for you to take care about employee salaries, benefits, and paid vacations.

Quality is as important as the managing control you will get with a nearshore development team. The high rates of successful projects delivered by providers made outsourcing popular. The positive results of the delivered projects enable companies to focus on the job get done without investing too much time on the development phase.

Outsourcing also fills the gaps in your organizations. If your company lacks the necessary manpower to undertake IT projects as your local marked may be empty and there is no chance to hire world talents locally, then a dedicated team of remote providers can fill the void in your organization. This improves the capabilities and results of your company even without hiring new employees and experts.